Sharks: Kings of the Ocean

Poster for the movie "Sharks: Kings of the Ocean"

Sharks: Kings of the Ocean (2011)

51 min Documentary

Exceptional imagery depicts these amazing sea dwellers in a new and different way, as they've been around long before dinosaurs. Showcasing the rather impressive wild survivalists and masters of the ocean not as dangerous devouring fighting machines. The white shark, the hammerhead shark or the whale shark can all be seen, as a first-hand experience in stereoscopic 3D. Learn about these sophisticated creatures with narration from expert marine biologists. Wonderfully shot in native 3D, this dive into the underwater world is something you do not want to miss. Feel the thills of swimming with sharks from the comfort of your couch and without getting wet!

Director:  Timo Joh. Mayer
Price:  4.99